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About Us

Being one of the leading distributors of luxury fragrances in North America, Orchid Collections embody the spirit of excellence, creativity, and the unique savoir-faire of its creator, the couturier-parfumeur Ajmal Perfumes. We are revolutionizing the codes of Oudh and French-based perfumes, combining tradition and daring innovation in the world of Fragrance. As the Exclusive distributor of brands such as Ajmal and My Perfumes, we have a flair for curating the perfect fragrances for everyone!  

Fragrances have the power to evoke your memories and the ability to instill those emotions that you subconsciously associate them with. Some scents are known to awaken positive emotions of serenity, pleasure, affection, confidence, and desire. Equipped with this knowledge and years of expertise in the perfume industry, we give you the perfect fragrance experience.

Quality and Sustainability

Orchid Collection follows international standards to ensure the fragrances are of the highest quality. We support our partners in preserving our environment, by adapting to sustainable practices every step of the way

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